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Contact NY Senator Tony Avella and let him know you support CJ's Law and want your senator to do the same.

Sign the petition to ban fracking on public land.


NY Senator Tony Avella has introduced CJ’s Law and needs letters of support to get it passed in New York State. We’ll direct you to his site so you can drop him a quick note saying you stand with workers and support CJ’s Law. Below is some sample text you can copy and paste when contacting him.

Not from New York and believe CJs Law should be passed in your state? Email us at [email protected]


Subject: CJ’s Law

Dear Senator Avella,

Thank you for standing up for worker safety and introducing CJ’s Law. I’m writing today to show my support for an oil and gas drilling workplace safety act that:

-Requires the enactment of rules and regulations for enhanced work place safety and employee training for all oil and gas drilling operations in the state.

-Provides that new permit holders should utilize union laborers or laborers with specific training.

-Provides that employers shall report workplace accidents and the commissioner of the department of labor must publish a quarterly report on workplace accidents.

Thank you,
(Your Name Here)

Ready to write that letter?

Sign the petition to OSHA telling them to protect workers from the dangers of drilling and fracking.

Contact the folks at gasvets.org to be connected with others who are fighting for better conditions in the oil and gas fields.


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